Rising Sun Melting Mists


‘The astounding first intimation to the effect that, by the word GOD, all saints and sages of all times have implied the realizable truth of oneself, was received by the author when he was a 35 years old man-of-the-world. The realisation broke upon him with explosive wonderment and delight. How could such a inheritance be forfeited through indifference? He questioned, searched for answers, contemplated, and tried to shape his life as prompted by the ascending reality of self-enquiry. Rising Sun Melting Mists is a collection of articles written over a period of few years and later put together.
In each article, reflection and spontaneous inspiration mingle inextricably.’’
The Heritage

‘‘ Enjoy the poetic prose of his soaring thoughts. Each article an Upanishadic Canto. He had studied Vedanta, reflected upon its wisdom and had meditated long upon its deepest truth. His modern ideas chastened with his ‘knowledge’ is what we have here. He has a style of his own, pure, chiselled, shaped and carved, to express the intricate beauty of his soaring thoughts. Read these crisp essays, and while enjoying the poetic-prose dive deep, in your own independent reflections, between lines and often between phrases, to reach the ‘unsaid’.’’
Swami Chinmayananda,
International exponent of vedanta and spiritual master

‘‘Beauty of style and power of thought…authenticity of experience…precision of expression…’’
M.P. Pandit,
Sri Aurobindo Ashram

‘‘…conveying profound ideas effortlessly…marvellous book…Each article is a treasure.’’
The Hindu,
Leading national daily

‘‘Small but profound. One line, one thought, enough to drive one to contemplation. A book to be savoured line by line.’’
M.V. Kamath in Bhavan’s Journal

‘‘A book of great value…sincerity and intense spiritual aspiration.’’
– The Theosophist

Preface by M.P. Pandit quoted in the Book
Pondicherry, June 25th, 1985

How shall we place him? A humanist?
An emerging poet? Lover of nature? Seeker of truth?

These questions naturally arise as we read this collection of the author’s writings during the last two decades. Actually he is all of them – and more.

Whether the reflection presented here are narrative, lyrical or contemplative – as he classifies them – there is one striking note that runs through all, and that is his passion for love which is another face of truth. No experience of life and evidently he has had many – leaves him bitter. Even death reveals to him another side of life. The themes he handles are varied. The way he expresses himself makes us wonder what the strength of his appeal is.

Beauty of sky? Power of thought? No, it is the authenticity of his experience, psychological and spiritual, that touches the reader and makes him as humble as the writer himself. Whether he speaks of the guru ‘who leaves no footprints’ or of prayer with the language of ‘tears in the eye’ rather than of ‘words upon the lips’ or of the trap of solitude, we are the presence of an ardent seeker. The thinker in him love precision of expression: truth, he says, is beyond method astrology is indicative, not determinative.

The Physics of Karma : A Requiem to Time


“The Physics of Karma is challenging book. Important concepts in the physicomental complex of life are examined and pushed to their ultimates, all of which disappear into the dimensions of the self. But on that account the discussion is not exclusively philosophy or metaphysics.’’

M.P. Pandit, Author, Scholar, and Teacher, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

“The approach is both scholarly and mystic. Pages soaked with fundamental upanishadic ideas regarding mind. Consciousness, ego, along with concepts of Relativity and quantum physics… scintillating lines…. Clarity of vision of author’s flight on two wings of reason and intuition.”-Swami Jitatmananda, Renowned International Vedantic Teacher, Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Rajkot.

All science is disciplined observation leavened by insight. Beginning with particular experience and common sense. Science arrives at general and uncommon sense. In this sense, everyone is a scientist. But most of the time we do not proceed far enough, nor do we bring the discipline on to much of our experience. In these musings Sri Dwaraknath Reddy has given us a chance to share his experience and he invites us to analyse our own.’’

Dr. E.C.G. sudarshan, Reputed Maths-science professor, University of Texas. Austin. USA.

“I am happy to tell you that “ The Physics of Karma” has been particularly appreciated by friends and Theosophists in Moscow. They like very much your metaphors.’’
Dr. Pierre LeNeveu, Connoisseur of Indian Art & Culture, France

“Here we have an artist at work, an artist who is a scientist by education and a mystic by accomplishment. This singular combination sets the book apart….a gifted writer… with a style that is precise and incisive……able to drive home subtle points in a few vibrant words. His keen sense of humour makes the entire work lively and spiced with witty ‘asides’ and whispered sarcasm ….. A very enjoyable and invigorating experience for me to read him.’’
Swami Iswarananda Giri, Vedantic scholar and saint. Mount Abu, Rajasthan

“Marvellous book …. The spiritual personality of the author unfolds in an extraordinary manner … a treasure …. Profound ideas conveyed with rare skill effortlessly.’’
The Hindu, Leading National Daily

“Accept my hearty congratulations. I read the book with great care, suspecting there would be some flaws and inconsistencies in your arguments. I must admit that I failed in that pursuit.

The arguments are original and the language is very good. Your approach is unique, and interesting too. Your book is a good guideline for a professional scientist who has spiritual interests.”
Dr. A. Satya Narayanan, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore.

“His logic is impeccable. The writing is lucid and the style is beautiful. I was struck by the Time Space differences, one being still and the other flowing; one being perceived and the other being inferred. If felt I was reading a book of science, it is so thoroughly convincing.”
T.P. Rama Reddy Playwright, Film Director

Diving Deep   into Ramana Maharshi’s teachings


“The approach is both scholarly and mystic. Pages soaked with fundamental Upanishadic ideas regarding mind, consciousness, ego, along with concepts of Relativity and quantum physics… scintillating lines… clarity of vision of author’s flight on two wings of reason and intuition.”
Swami Jitatmananda, Physicist-turned-senior monk, Sri Ramkrishna Mission, Rajkot

“Donning the diving suit of pure devotion, he has ventured into the depths of the Masters words not to measure or make it meaningful, not to judge or to justify but  just see the truth, adore its opulence, accumulate new insights. The auothor declares in the preface, “ I must return to the words of Bhagavan that I have read often enough , and read them again more demandingly, for evidently I have missed the sublest imports hitherto. Diving deep into self-enquiry will reveal more to me”. This is the most correct and most profitable approach of spiritual seekers….

Words of Great Masters have to be treated like ‘mahavakyas’ of Vedanta…..

On the chapter on “the timeless mountain”, the writers excellence reaches its peak. He is able to make himself so much one with Maharshi he adores, that he seems to rise with the rising tide of the latters Love bursting forth as a paen for the Holy Mountain. Because of this he is able to resolve the apparent conflict of the façade of hard rock of Arunachala and the eternal flame of light and love hidden in its heart. In the same strain he shows how one can afford the “person” of the Guru to which one can cling or surrender, while at the same time one can be aware of Him as a “non-person”. Inconditioned by time, a pur Am-ness.”
Swami Iswarananad Giri Maharaj, Sant Sarovar, Mt.Abu

The Dicey Problem of New Age Science : Einstein, Hawking and God at the Casino


“Elevating, thought-provoking and delightful from the points of view of spirituality, science, and literature While enriching parallels between science and spirituality, Reddy’s book all the same faces the scientist squarely. His poser on consciousness: Is brain the powerhouse, or the power source?  Get the answer right, for Reality revolves on that pivot.”

Swami Chidananda, physicist and scholar Earlier, Chief Acharya of Chinmaya Mission; Later, Director, Chinmaya International Foundation, Cochin.

Order flows from consistent laws. Our understanding of our universe is changing, but Reality behind it is unchanged. Einstein’s relativity amended Newtonian determinism, and was in turn amended by quantum mechanics. Einstein saw a harmonious advance in knowledge, and said, ‘God does not play dice’; but Stephen Hawking later saw a radical departure, and said, ‘God is a gambler.’

This author, a keen student of philosophy with a moderate background of science, sees in these conflicting conclusions the inevitable distortion when ‘the relative’ is projected on to ‘the Absolute’. Therefore he says, ‘Do not worry about God. He is not a visiting player like you and me, but the absolute owner of the casino. When He plays, His left hand picks up what His right hand loses. His status remains unaltered. We had better be looking out for ourselves.’ The serious point made is that the Absolute includes and exceeds the time-space-causation frame of relativity, and these parameters cannot cross the border.

The limitations must be clearly understood.

‘Time’ of physics is enought to study kinetic processes but not to locate the creative potential. That requires ‘time’ of our conscious awareness. But bio-science mistakes consciousness to be a product of brain-cells. In truth, consciousness is the energy, and brain is the equipment through which it manifests.

Thus TIME is the Achilles’ heel of physics, and MIND is the Achilles’ heel of biology. The name of Reality is Total Consciousness. It is eternal. Death was never born, and life never died.

“ Excellent book…. Grippingly tight script in impeccable idiom reveals the creative mind of the intellectual and spiritual author…. leads the reader from origins of the universe, through the limitations of science, to prior and pervading Consciousness (like electromagnetic field that fills the universe).”
Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao, FNAsc., Senior Professor (Retd.), The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Gentle Breeze, Rustling Leaves : Sing, my soul, your symphony of silence


When the traveler through the vast vistas of life finally turns his gaze inwards in his search for Ultimate Reality, gentle breezes blow across the mind, stirring the leaves of contemplation, emotion, memory, love, wonder and awe. The rustling sounds of the caressed thoughts are the intoned whispers of the ego and its companion-Self in intimate conversation. Slowly the winds rest in space, the sounds sink into silence…

Can God Improve My Balance Sheet? Invoking The Inner Potential


“By all counts this is an outstanding work. It harmoniously blends psychology, management, philosophy, religion and spirituality. What it propounds is a beautiful technique of management by integral insight. It can be taken as an exquisite manual on the art of living.”
“The illustrious work is obviously the product of not only deep study and mature reflection but also earnest practice of its principles by Sri Reddy. I have no doubt that it will prove an invaluable aid to all aspirants of material as well as spiritual.”

D.P. Mandelia, Confidant and advisor to Late Sri G.D.Birla

When you aspire to attain success like never before, your plan of action cannot be that somehow you will conspire to make luck strike you and lightning strike your competitors! Though commendably simple and straightforward, the strategy is beyond your powers of manipulation. The success you desire must be won by invoking the inner potential in yourself. You must become the best you can be.

How is consciousness functioning in you? You are your own laboratory, completely equipped with experience of love, hope, desire, kindness; also anger, greed, jealousy, hatred, frustration. Insights are available if you pay attention to the working of your mind. Then you can see with equal clarity how people everywhere act, react and interact. The rules of life are derived from the base. Awareness leads to harmony.

Dwaraknath Reddy built up his small family business into the stature of national leader in its segment. That is one half of his credentials to tell us how to play the game.

“Rare indeed are deep insights from the extremely competitive world of business. To see a successful industrialist believe in the search for truth and in the pre-eminence of natural justice is insightful. This book will add value to those who are committed to action and achievement.”
The Hindu, National Daily

“The book inspires lofty thoughts. A remarkable and outstanding book which integrates eternal values with business acumen and helps in dealing with operational problems. The best book that I have read in recent months.”
S. Radhakrishnan, Professor of Economics, Academy for Promotion of
Educational Excellence (APEX), Chennai

Death Was Never Born Life Never Died : Reincarnation Or Evolution?


“ The approach is both scholarly and mystic. Pages soaked with fundamental upanishadic ideas regarding mind, consciousness, ego, along with concepts of Relativity and quantum physics… scintillating lines… clarity of vision of author’s flight on two wings of reason and intuition ”
– Swami Jitatmananda, Physicist, turned senior monk, Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Rajkot

“Dwaraknath Reddy is a gifted writer. With a style that is precise and incisive he is able to drive home subtle points in few vibrant words. His keen sense of humour makes the conversation – the entire work is a dialogue between the writer and the scientist or the reader or, sometimes with himself – lively and spiced with witty “asides” and whispered sarcasm. The flow of writing is not burdened with scriptural quotations and references to standard texts. It resembles a mountain river that is boisterous at the start, bouncing on rocks of astounding cosmic – principles and cutting deeply into them to make way to green valleys of spiritual considerations, only to emerge finally into the plains of Pure Vedanta where the flow is smooth and stately till it merges with the oceanic silence. It is this eloquent silence which man needs more than any sounds of high – tech.

Personally it has been a very enjoyable and invigorating experience for me to go through the MS of this book and I wish more works like this are available to weary man-kind. How comforting it is even to hear: “At the core of one’s own existence lies the complete answer to the riddles about creation” and we are assured that the path to this core is open to all anytime, unlike Aldous Huxely’s “green-door” that comes up by an unpredictable chance leading you into the magical garden that vanishes as suddenly. The door to man’s freedom does not even need a “knock”, only a deep “look” for it to open.

May this radiant eye (or I) be opened to all.”

– Swami Iswarananda Giri, Vedantic scholar and saint. Mount Abu, Rajasthan

“… reproducible reliable subjective experiences also can be communicated and evoked. Dwaraknath Reddy show us by example how this can be done. I am pleased to introduce this book to the scientific spirit of enquiry in all of you, professional scientist and layman alike.”
Dr. E.C.G. Sudarshan, Reputed Maths-Science Professor, University of Texas, Austin, USA

“A humanist? Word-artist? Seeker of Truth? Reddy is all and more. Beauty of style and power of thought… authenticity of experience… precision of expression…”
M.P. Pandit, Author, Scholar and Teacher, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry

“Chiselled expressions of the intricate beauty of his soaring thoughts… each chapter an upanishadic canto….”
Swami Chinmayananda, Internationally acclaimed exponent of Vedanta and spiritual master

“Marvellous book… the spiritual personality of the author unfolds in an extraordinary manner… a treasure… profound ideas conveyed with rare skill effortlessly.”
The Hindu, Leading National Daily

Divya : The Rainbow Child


‘‘ I finished the book in one sitting. It was gripping – every sequence is well-explained… The whole narration is a spiritual message that sets it apart from the general run of novels – making it really novel!’’
Swami Ishwaranandagiri Maharaj, Sant Sarovar, Mt. Abu

On one level, this is the story of a bright, inquisitive, affectionate child – Divya – who has to grapple with some of life’s toughest problems in her troublesome ‘destiny’ of cancer. And it is about her loving relationship with her Thatha, both grandfather and guru to her.

On another, it is philosophy in its purest, most fearless form: we are led to stare the big questions in the eye – “Who am ‘I’? What is ‘destiny’? What is ‘God’? Why do we suffer pain and illness? Why me? What is death? – and to find their true answers without settling for the watered – down versions that society commonly mouths and accepts as ‘safe’ formulations.

‘‘ Provides a glowing picture of spiritual evolution – a message of hope for all of us, especially those suffering from any major ailment. This is a book to be as slowly savoured as an elixir promising eternal life.’’
Dr. Anand K. Khakhar , Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

‘‘ True philosophy that transports us into the realm of eternity beyond the ephemeral. For those facing pain and suffering, this precious novel is a panacea giving freedom from all fears. A captivating, moving book! ’’
Yogacharya C. Sashidhar, SOHAM, Hyderabad

Sumangali: more than a short story


Dwaraknath Reddy,, an industrialist, now aged 95, has been a spiritual seeker all his adult life. He regards Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings on Self- Enquiry as the essence of Vedantic expositions.

He lives near Ramanasramam in Tiruvannamalai. As his sadhana he has written books mostly focused on the science – philosophy border, which include The Physics of Karma, The Dicey problem of New-Age Science and Diving Deep into Ramana Maharshi’s Teachings. A book on personality development is titled can God Improve My Balance – Sheet.

Sumangali is his only deviation from pure philosophy. He felt an urge to write it as it reaches beyond the story into the psychology, beyond the personal into the total workings of human mentation.